Creating Storyboards


One of our favourite parts of illustrating a picture book is creating storyboards. When we plan out a storyboard we write quick notes on the layout of the story and the rough idea. Our first storyboard ideas start as little thumbnail sketches, usually these are very rough. We then draw up our designs on bigger pieces of paper so that we can experiment with what angles and viewpoints we want to use.

We work together to come up with each page layout, working on scraps of paper and in a sketchbook. When we have finished the rough storyboard, we layout all the pages next to each other so that we can see how the story flows. We then go back and make adjustments, altering the placement of things and looking at where the text would sit. Sometimes we would work on the same page together and other times we would work on different pages. We would then combine our drawings and ideas together and work over these.

Storyboarding- more worked up pages

Storyboarding- more worked up pages

We are currently working on an idea for a story. We have started planning out thumbnails and character sketches. These are some of the more developed sketches, where we have started to play with scale and viewpoint.