Picture-books and Activity books

Are You A Unicorn?

Pip the Unicorn has never met another unicorn before, so he sets of on a journey to find one. Along the way Pip meets some amazing animals and discovers that we are all unique in our own special way.

Tim the Toucan

Deep in the Jungle lives a toucan called Tim. All the other birds chirp and tweet and chat away, but Tim is very quite. Tim starts to feel left out, until he discovers a way to make himself heard.


A playful artist book celebrating grandparents and the bond they share with grandchildren. With delicate line work and soft colours.

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Jungle Fun Activity Book

Join Pipkin the pig and Dave the dog as they journey into the jungle. In this exciting activity book you can make a piggy mask, design your very own comic and create a jungle character. Find and spot animals hidden within the jungle, complete a diary entry and help Pipkin get through a maze.  Each page is beautifully illustrated with engaging characters and tropical jungle friends. Available to buy on Blurb.

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Detective Joe

Someone is stealing all the boots, shoes and slippers. Join detective Joe as he tries to solve the mystery. Meet a sleepy sloth, a street cat and discover who is stealing all the shoes. With beautifully rich hand rendered illustrations full of detail and texture. Each page is fully illustrated in coloured pencils and collage. Available to buy on Blurb.

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Join Paul the Bear and Rupert the Stoat as they set sail on an exciting adventure. They meet a grumpy walrus, find a cave and journey in a bathtub to discover an unknown land. Beautifully illustrated with distinctive characters. Rich in details and texture with dynamic angles and viewpoints. Each page is fully illustrated in coloured pencil and collage. Available to buy on Blurb.